A Weird Sunrise

I'm with Justine a some kind of workplace, and the sun starts getting strange. a weird sunrise. I notice but not many people do. Then something flies over which looks like a space ship from a nintendo game. It lands next to the building. Tension in me builds. A little being/alien/godzilla/dog gets out and walks down the beach. People think it's cute, but weird shit starts to happen. I start to put my shoes on and tell Justine we need to get out of there. She says get to the car. I grab my camera but not my socks or my big lens. The car doesn't work. By now people are starting to be really strange, some seem to be in very bad health. One guy comes up and says he can sell us gas for 1 million a gallon. We scoff at that and begin walking quickly down the beach, it appears to be southern cali. 

It's all very confusing and scary at this point, but nobody seems to attack us or anything. We stop in a market/restaurant and it appears they are selling food, but we are wary of it and keep walking. At this point I realize that I have forgotten my camera somewhere, and I have a panic attack. I decide to run back to get it, say to my companion (who is not not Justine, but some other girl I don't recognize but care deeply about) Wait here! But then I look at her face, and it is saying really, your camera right now, over sticking together? I think better of it, let out a frustrated yell, and we keep going. 

We reach a place, and run into a group of guys with weapons who seem to have formed a bit of a gang. We stop to converse with them, and seem to decide to join or just stay here for a spell. There's about 5-6 of them, and one of them I can't see, but soon after we arrive, he is sitting in a chair that shoots up towards a tall ceiling, and he is turned to jelly, his guts spilling down from above, some of them laughing at the mess. After this, a friend/guy I was traveling with (girl is gone) seems to whisper something about me to the rest of them. I am separate from the pack right now, surveying the strangeness. I see heads poking out and looking at me. I seem to be getting ostracized. I can't remember who the guy is now that I'm awake, but it was someone close, and it hurt.

At this point, Trevor appears and vouches for me, and for some reason we walk down to the water and go surfing. He gives me a floppy board, like a yoga mat,  and I don't know how to surf anyway. I don't really even try, but I'm in the water. There's a sort of walking bridge over the water, and there are all kinds of human looking sharks trying to get in through the grates that cover the openings, so we abandon the surf. Things seem sort of normal on land, except for a group of soldier looking folks on a rooftop are attacked and shoot back at small flying beasts. 

Earlier we had been taken in to this community, which seemed sort of like a cult. But it was safe. Now I was trying to climb back in after the surf, but something in the water had attached to me. It seemed to be human like, but then there were hundreds of them. I climbed this wall and got halfway over, and had to sit there and shake them off, which was very tiring. Then some of the folks in the cult released these digital bees/flies to try to help bite the hangers on, to free me. They bit me too, and and it was extremely uncomfortable. 

I did finally make it, and then walked into a butterfly garden of some sort with the leader of the cult. A moment of peace, but it didn't feel peaceful.

At the end, there are three of us about to engage in sort of dry land sled race. One is a friend, one is not. Still mostly faceless. We are all building the boards together, but mine comes out bigger, with sort of a buffer in the front. It seems like that would be a good thing, but the point of the race is to have your board disintegrate first. Which makes the next part confusing. The race starts, and the one I don't like can't (I'll just say the enemy) get his sled moving. I can, but there's a bottleneck at the top of the course, and I try to move it through towards the lead. Now nobody can move really, and the enemy takes a lighter to my sled. I try to put it out but the sled is super flammable foam something, and the flame is purple and won't go out. So I take a lighter to his as well, same thing, he tries to put it out but it's impossible. Then I notice that he is wearing the same material, and some has caught towards the bottom of his jacket in back. People are yelling and screaming, maybe onlookers, that he is on fire, but there is nothing to be done, these flames do not go out. It was here that I woke up.