Impossible Human

I'm releasing an album today, through Bandcamp. It's called Impossible Human, and it's been a long time coming. 

Two nights ago I received an email from Bandcamp, alerting it's community that on Friday Feb 3rd, it would be donating 100% of it's own profits made through sales for the day to the ACLU. I've been looking for a way to donate, to help, to do anything I can to join in the fight for equal rights, and fair treatment for all that reside and come to this country. I've seen and felt the helplessness and anger that is pervading our way of life, and it's become impossible to be unaffected and stay idle. 

I made this record a few years back with the help and guidance of three terrific humans. Erin Sidney, Lee Pardini, and my brother Josh Willing. Put everything I had into it. And then, life took me in a different direction for a bit. I joined a band called Grizfolk, and we lived on the road for a few years, on an unforgettable musical journey around the world, making music and memories. We've written a ton of new music together, and that will have it's own story very soon. Through all of it, this record of mine has waited, patiently. Maybe I held on too tightly, maybe it should have been released years ago. Who knows, doesn't matter. It was meant for this moment. It was a pretty cathartic experience to create it, and I've long felt that music is therapy. It has helped me more than I could ever explain, and so the music that I create, I do with that very goal in mind. To help, to heal, to make you think, to inspire, and to stay sane. :)

I've spent many a late night walk envisioning how this would be released, and many of these visions were quite grand. I remain incredibly proud of this album. It speaks to the emotions we are all feeling, and about the struggles we all face in some form or another. The struggle to be human, to find happiness, to conquer fear and insecurity, to put one foot in front of the other, to lift up your fellow human. To accept that you are different, and that we all are. To know that life is hard, and unexpected, and fucked, and beautiful, and real, and that we are works in progress the entire time. There is no perfection, there is no right way to do this..

I hope you'll enjoy the music, and that it will give you something hopeful. I'm going to match Bandcamp on this and donate all of my profits today to the ACLU as well. It's an organization that has the pieces in place to truly move the needle, to disrupt and fight against the injustice that still runs rampant in our country. It's something I believe in, and I hope you will join me in contributing to the good fight.

You can read the founder of Bandcamp's moving statement HERE.

And then, click on the cover below to get Impossible Human. Much love. 

Impossible Human Cover Photo by Mariana Schulze

Impossible Human Cover Photo by Mariana Schulze