The Wild Wild (Mid)West

"Blizzard's coming tonight!"

"Oh, you mean it's gonna snow? Sweet, real snow!"

We can definitely make it all the way to Ann Arbor. Definitely. But we should probably go now. 

And so we left Joliet, IL. The next 10 hours went something like this.

It was slow going, harrowing at times when the road dragons would pass and create a mini blizzard just over our van. Having little to no experience in this kind of weather, we probably should not have kept going. But we kept going, and made it. Don't know how y'all do it out here every season. Insane. 

The show would go on, and it was amazing. Some of you couldn't get there, and some couldn't get in, and that sucks. But it was damn good time. 


One note about the midwest in the winter. Cold as the devil's taint. I mean, stupid cold. We hit DC last night, and this morning it's a balmy feeling 40 degrees out. That's doable. Hope to see you all tonight. Headed for the Smithsonian and then a SHAKE SHACK. Peace.