Waking Up The Giants

We’re the rhythm of the darkest nights
We’re the truth that’s been left unspoken

We’re the shadows far beyond the lights
We’re waking, waking, waking up the giants

In the heavens all around us, in the stories of ancestors and predecessors, in the imaginations of every dreamer, even among the realities of the living.. there are giants. Folklore and fairy tales have tended to paint many a giant as an ogre-like being, a hulking, powerful, and slow-moving gargantuan. However, there are many other forms a giant can take. Take a distant star for example. Or a mountain. An inner voice. An idea. We live in a world of rapid, erratic movement, open spaces, and ever-changing blurry landscapes. The idea that other worlds exist simultaneously alongside ours is intoxicating. Our music is born of these elements, both tangible and imaginary. Through the gates of our collective minds, the giants we seek to awaken exist in a constant state of restlessness. They elicit the necessary fear and that hideous strength that drives us maddeningly forward, curious and hungry.

In the vast expanse of open space composed of oceans, deserts, planets and stars, we of human form tend to congregate in the smallest of places together. Homes, theaters, restaurants, shelters.. Music is not born in a vacuum, but out of stardust, tears, energy and experience. It is the language of the greater universe, the one common language of the near and distant giants. At it’s very core, it is energy, at once both harnessed and unbridled.

The five of us have traveled great distances to meet here, under the California stars. That distance measurable in time, miles, and experience. We came together for a reason, united through our dreams and common goals, and a purpose:

To make a truthful sound, and to tap into something greater than our own selves.

The shelter we have from the outside world may appear sheer and fragile, but is only a shroud for the strength of the unit within. In its absolute essence, the stick and fabric make not only a physical structure, but a portal. Through this door we have created together, there exists a new world, devoid of the limitations and standards the present holds. In many ways, it is not so unlike the one we live in, fantastic, awe-inspiring, and totally unique. For it is ours alone.  


Today's just a thrill that comes maybe once in a lifetime. A "first" in life is something to be celebrated, in any fashion that seems suitable at the time. Waking Up The Giants is a grand scale project, that has been in the works for years now. Come January, this record will see the light of day, and be released to do it's work in the world. Big stuff. The words above serve to describe the feelings we've had for this project, and each other during the time we've spent making music together for the last three years. When off the road, and sometimes while on it, we would build a new part of it, record, create. It took a long time to get it right. From the beginning there was a vision, and I know today that we poured in everything we had to achieve it. Today, the partial reveal. Soon, the release. The front cover of a debut record will stand for all time. An analogue and digital record of what happened in January 2016. Maybe it will be famous, maybe infamous... most likely it will have it's time, here and there, again and again, until it settles and takes it's rightful place in the hearts of those that it touched. 

I enjoy the celebrations that come with achievements and accomplishments in life. A lot of this music "business" is tough. There's a thousand accounts available at any one time of the sacrifices made for a song, and the struggles of keeping ones wits during a life lived on the road. It's all got worth, and I can likely relate all of them in one way or another. But this one is truly special. A band of brothers, signed to a major label, sent out to hone and create, never knowing for sure if it would all come together. We had many ideas for the cover, for the title, and how we would present this record to you. When we arrived at an idea, I shot this photo at the Continental Divide, near the border of Texas and New Mexico. I merged it with a night sky, wanting to bring the elements of the universe together with the reality of our lives here on earth, in the country where the music was born.

Beyond thrilled to have helped create this, inside and out, with my dudes. A new part of the journey starts today, to introduce it to everyone, and to bring it to life and let it go. Pretty sweet.