2014, I hardly knew ye.

2015. I'm going ahead and calling it the frisky year. Most everyone is frisky as fuck. I love it. Let the yahoos get theirs, I say. It's weird out there. I've slacked so hard on writing this year, but I made up for it in photographing things, if that is something that actually balances out. Jury's getting coffee on that. I've already been to the high desert, (or is it high in the desert?) this winter break, and while there the fog sort of lifted on the past year. I finally felt the nostalgia and the weight of the year behind us. It was a bullet train of a ride. Started out already on a fevered roll, and never lost any steam. Always with the train euphemisms. 

Grizfolk. Two Swedes, a Floridian, a Quaker, a Los Angeleno and two Csabais set across the Atlantic and hopped a bus following Bastille around Europe. My first trip across the pond, in the most unforgettable way. I've set up a few groups of galleries below if you fancy just flipping through, or you can walk along with me a bit. Choose your own adventure.    

Three incredible weeks. We did some damage in the states too this year. At last count I've got Wyoming, Montana, the Dakotas, Alaska, and Hawaii left to visit for my clean 50. Now I've got far too many favorite places to revisit and "spend some time in". What a curse right? Damn near took up residence in NYC. Fell in love with the south, swam in the gulf, rode the space needle, drove the universe of Texas, got weird and tingly in Portland.. I probably could have done worlds better at journaling as I went, but I didn't. I could also probably tell the story in a more linear fashion, but what the hell, this seems fun. 

What does a band do for 12 hours in a van? Tour is awesome right? You're just constantly on a huge stoke and life is long legendary a party!! Sure, some nights the dick gets swinging, the beers go down like water, and memories are stored on your camera roll to grimace and/or chuckle at in the morning. There's a lot of instagram that goes down. Some twitter, some facebook, snapchat.. pictures of road signs, selfies, plenty of inane screen tapping. One does a lot of reflection and pondering, but also a good bit of cognitive meandering. It's not long into a state-to-state haul that I start to get pretty weird. It's common, it happens. Moving scenery has a way of salt and peppering a man's dreams. 

I probably drank too much. I probably didn't get enough sleep. Didn't eat right, too much coffee, not enough exercise. Good chance that was all to blame come November, when my voice disappeared. I'm on a mission to do better by my body this year, but it's a slow turnaround. Habits get ingrained, the days off can become damage control. It's always good to mix in the maximum possible time in nature possible. The out of doors. I always look forward to the side adventures, the unseen trails, however short or long.  

This is the video I mentioned from the Grizhaus. Deftly painted by Jules Muck, shot by our very own Sebastian and Tom the brit, edited by Crooked Cynics. As a bonus of being in a big warehouse, I was taught the proper way to ride a skateboard. As the month wore on, I wheeled around the warehouse, leading up to pulling a super sick trick in the video. It's just incredible, watch. 

I enjoy the process of keeping a visual history of adventures. Meaning, I love photography.  It's important to me, and I hope at least somewhat entertaining to you. This post is meant to be a bit nostalgic and such, but at the same time, digestible. This entry contains a mix of behind the scenes snaps, a few reposts, and shots that didn't make my instagram feed. Follow me there for a near daily post, I'm @bwilling

To a new year, and to brilliant and brave forward progress, ever faster, into the unknown. Good to be on this with you. Much love, see you out there.